Cross Country

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  • Coach Gertmenian-McKay 
  • Coach Woodside


Cross Country:

  • All runners will wear a computer-generated label (2 5/8” x 1”) that includes the athlete’s name and school.
  • Order of Races:
    • Boys’ A, Girls A’, Boys’ B, Girls’ B
    • 6th graders are allowed to run in the A or B race. There are no separate 6th grade races.
  • Scoring:
    • The A teams will run 6 runners each, and the top 4 will score
    • The B races are unlimited entries with no scoring
  • Each course will be as close to 1.5 miles as possible.
  • Awards:
    • Team plaques for 1st and 2nd place in the A races, medals for 1st – 5th in the A races, and individual ribbons for 6th – 20th in A races.
    • Ribbons given to 1st – 5th place in B races.
  • A league cross country meet will be held at the end of each season.

Watson Statement for Parents/Spectators

"Widefield School District #3 maintains a high standard of conduct for all athletes, coaches, and spectators. We encourage you to attend athletic contests and cheer on our student athletes. In the event that a spectator fails to act in a worthy manner, the spectator may be asked to leave the athletic contest. The administration welcomes and appreciates your support."

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