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Watson Mission Statement and Welcome

2022-2023 School Year


Dear Parents and Guardians,

          Welcome Wolverines and parents to the 2022-23 school year! It is with great excitement and honor that I have the opportunity to serve as Principal beginning this year. As a former teacher and assistant principal at Watson over the last thirteen years, I know what a special place Watson Junior High School is and how much potential it has to build foundations for our students’ futures. Watson continues to be rated as one of the high-performance achieving schools in the area of academic growth according to the Colorado State Performance Indicators.  Our accredited AVID program, with a whole school focus, helps to push students forward both academically and socially.  This program provides important soft skills (organization, study skills, interview practice, college visits, etc.)  We also offer robust extra-curricular offerings including a robotics team that qualified for the top robotics competition in the world held in Dallas, TX (508 teams qualified hailing from 40 different countries).

          At Watson, we have summarized our mission into a single statement; “Building real relationships, strong character, and a college/career ready foundation for future leaders.” I firmly believe in this mission for Watson Junior High. At the junior high level, students are building foundations for their futures, and it is critical that those foundations become balanced with the right essentials. At Watson, each of our teachers work to build positive real relationships with our students. We believe that, out of those relationships, students will be motivated to learn at much higher levels. We also believe in building strong character to help our young people become responsible, hard-working, productive citizens. Too often, building a strong positive character is not a priority in schools and without good character, students miss the true reasons to perform well, learn, and become successful. Finally, we believe in building a solid college/career ready foundation for our students through our rigorous academia. Students need to be challenged with their learning and grow to become lifelong learners. Our goal at Watson is to ensure that students have a foundation that will ready them for college level academics at the high school level and beyond. We continue to work at creating an environment where students will strive to reach their highest potential, including their college and career plans.

          We will continue to build and develop our AVID Program this year to include AVID Fusion Time (AFT) classes and AVID Homerooms. The AFT classes and AVID Homerooms are designed to help students become more organized, stay focused on their academics, and teach soft skills that will be the foundations for their future.  We are very excited that Watson will continue to offer Pre-AP courses in most core subject areas for seventh and eighth grade. In addition, we will continue to offer Pre-AP courses for Math and Language Arts for sixth grade. We will also continue to offer advanced band and orchestra classes. These courses will provide our students an opportunity to challenge themselves and will help them to build critical thinking skills.  We want to encourage our students to be as well rounded as possible by getting involved in activities and athletics.  All paperwork and physicals must be on file for 6th-8th grade students before they can participate in any tryouts or practice.  Watson will have a physical night for all students interested on Aug. 3rd at 5:30-6:30 PM in the Watson Big Gym-$20.00 cash.

          I encourage you to take time to visit our website; it will have the most up-to-date information posted. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please call us at 391-3255. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you around Watson!



Mr. Ross Mishler

Principal-Watson Junior High


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