Health Office Information

Please read about the function of our Health Office here at Watson. We have a school nurse on staff but she is not at Watson full time as she supports two buildings. We do however, have a full-time Health Tech and two back-up Health Techs. Our Health Techs are here to assist students with minor health and very basic first aid issues. Health Techs are able to take temperatures, provide ice, band aids, give a student a moment to rest and assist students in contacting parents/guardians should they need to go home. Health Techs may also dispense medication under very controlled conditions, with detailed and specific instructions signed by a physician, as well as respond to emergencies.
Although they complete required district training every year, they are not licensed healthcare professionals; and as such are limited in what they can do for students. Health Techs cannot diagnose issues/illness or provide wraps, splints, antibiotic ointment, Vaseline, Chapstick, lotion or over-the-
counter medications of any kind.
In conclusion, our health office is just that…a place where students can get a band aid, some ice, rest for a moment or call home. So we’re asking for your assistance in regard to our students’ health and wellbeing. If your student is sick please keep them home. Our health techs don’t have the qualifications or capability to make any sort of diagnosis, so if they’re not feeling well please consult your physician.

Should you have questions or need further clarification please call our main office at 391-3255.