Supply List

Wolverines: do you need to replenish your school supplies? Visit our AVID School Store on Mondays during period 7 in room 26. Prices are below:

Individual Items for Sale


3 inch required binder


Sheet protectors

10 for $1.00


5 for $2.00

1 package of loose leaf paper


Pencil pouch (fits in required binder)


1 pad of Post it notes


Colored pencils






Expo marker


4 pencils


Order your Wolverine Binder Kits-All supplies* are included in this kit for only $25 

*7th and 8th-grade students, as well as 6th-grade Pre-AP math students, will need a scientific calculator, which is not included in the Wolverine Kit.

We are excited to offer the organization and preparedness that AVID binders offer school-wide.  For the 2019-2020 school year, each student will be required to have a large binder. To ease in this transition, we have created a school supply bundle that takes the stress out of supply shopping.  If you would like to buy a bundle, please do so on our website or at our back to school event. If you would prefer to purchase your own supplies, please use the “Wolverine Binder Kit” list as your supply list.


Order your Binder Kits


*We get these supplies in bulk and pass the savings on to you!  Buy your kit on our website through our school store for only $25!  You will also be able to buy a kit at our back to school event with cash or check if you prefer.

*Approximate cost if you shop around through Walmart and/or Amazon is $45.

*There may be additional costs for specialized classes, which are not included in the Wolverine Binder Kits.

Watson School Supplies 2019-2020 Form